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Tenshi - Beautiful Freedom by SakuraTenshi101 Tenshi - Angel at Sunset by SakuraTenshi101 ShindoXTenshi - Not Shy Anymore by SakuraTenshi101 Kaela - All About Your Heart by SakuraTenshi101

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New Kemon Lovers adopts are OPEN! 

3 deviants said Kemon Lovers Adopts - 1 (3/3 OPEN) by SakuraTenshi101
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No deviants said Kemon Lovers Adopts - 1 (3/3 OPEN) by SakuraTenshi101
Found this from :icontiniest-peach-dragon:

Comment with two characters, one of them being my OCS. Then the other one could one of your OCS, my OCS, or a canon character.
Ex. Etsu X  Izumo (idk just picking a name) and XDDD random

However, if I end up choosing your oc, you have to do it for them too! I tag :iconapoca-chan:!


- How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?
Tenshi - Tenshi falls asleep curled up on her side. She wakes up in the mornings easily (morning person) and usually just gets ready for the day.

- Kaela falls asleep on her side, but only half curled up. She doesn't move around a lot while she sleeps. Kaela's a bit of a morning person, but she's also somewhat of a light sleeper. Her daily rituals include making breakfast for her father before he leaves for work.

Tenchi - He tends to sleep on his back, however, if he were married, he'd probably snuggle up to his wife *winkwink* He wakes up to an alarm for work every morning because otherwise he'll end up sleeping in. He doesn't really have morning rituals, as he has to hurry to work, but he likes to read the newspaper when he can.

Callisto - Callisto sleeps on his back or side. But he mostly likes to snuggle up to whatever he can get his hands on. He gets up whenever his body allows him. He likes to lay in bed for a little while before getting up for the day.

Datenshi - Datenshi sleeps on her side. She used to be a morning person, but she wakes up later in the mornings now. She has no particular rituals.

- How’s their team work? Do they share well?
Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't mind working with or without people. She tends to get along with anyone and is willing to share even without being asked. She tends to offer to share things.

Kaela - Kaela does best working on things by herself, but she will work with people. She actually likes it better sometimes because she can get very stressed, even when it doesn't look like she is. She's a pretty generous person and likes to help people, so sharing is on that list.

Tenchi - He has excellent team work and will share things easily. However, he's protective of his property. If someone uses his things without asking and/or breaks something of his, he'll actually be restraining his irritation.

Callisto - Callisto doesn't mind working as a team. Actually, he might just let someone else do things for him, unless he's willing to do them himself. He'll only share things when he's trying to woo a certain girl. ;D

Datenshi - She doesn't like to work as a team and she's gotten a bit possessive of certain things. She would prefer to work alone.

- Are they open about their relationship? How do they feel about public displays of affection?

Tenshi - Tenshi's open, but is also conservative with things like public displays of affection. She won't go around making out in front of people because she knows it would be awkward for others.

Kaela - Kaela is more worried about how Lucien feels about the relationship being public. She doesn't want bad rumors to start spreading about him because of her and would rather be more private about their relationship, if that's what will make him more comfortable.

Tenchi - Tenchi is open about his and Emico's relationship. He gets embarrassed easily though, depending on how bad Emico flirts with him. PDA's are fine so long as they aren't extreme.

Callisto - He's very, very open and PDA is a yes, please. He likes to get affection when he can, but he'll hold back if Cali doesn't want it.... but he might get her later.

Datenshi - She's still unsure how she feels about an open relationship. She prefers to be more private about it, especially with PDAs.

- First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

Tenshi - Tenshi was intimidated at first! 8'D He used to be extremely flirty with her and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. She probably didn't like it too much either. It definitely took a while for her to even consider him as a potential boyfriend, as she liked someone else first.

Kaela - Not love at first sight for Kaela, but definitely curious about Luce. She found him intimidating in the mean way, but Jason kept telling her information about him, which made her stick around so she could get to know him more.

Tenchi - He didn't fall in love at first sight, but his first impression was that she seemed like a good older sister. He originally met Emico and ended up in cahoots with her in their scheme to get Tenshi and Shindo together. Somehow, they ended up together along the way.

Callisto - He thought Cali was cute, and so would flirt with her teasingly. Only he knows whether or not he was serious about it |D However, he was attracted to her and her tsundere attitude, nonetheless. He usually had girls fawn over him, so she caught his eye by not doing so.

Datenshi - Datenshi thought Leof was an absolute butt-head with a "my dick is bigger than yours" (superiority) complex. Definitely not love at first sight, considering she was in love with Shindo first. 

- Nicknames? Pet names? Any in-jokes?

Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't have any nicknames or pet names for Shindo? She'll address him by things like "my love" and whatnot... However, she will tell him he's her angel :'D She's boring in that way, haaa...

Kaela - Kaela doesn't do this either XD She might call him Luce once in a while, but she finds it awkward to try to give him nicknames or pet names (like if she did, he'd blow a gasket), so she shies away from the idea.

Tenchi - He doesn't use pet names, but he really, really, really wants to. Yet he still calls Emico "Emi" instead. |D One day...

Callisto - He calls Cali "Carino," which means "cute" in Italian. She doesn't like it, but that's the charm of it :'D

Datenshi - She refuses to use pet names or nicknames (Leof's name is too short anyways....). If she warms up to him more though, she miiiiiight start using one or two...

- Any tasks that are always left to one person?
Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't really have any tasks...? Well, wait, she tends to be the more mature and responsible one, I guess. She keeps Shindo in check when he flips out about his problems. She has a good head on her shoulders and is pretty good at keeping her problems from bothering others, so she's able to help Shindo think clearly or cheer up a bit when he's down.

Kaela - Kaela takes most of the care for her cousin's toddler, Liam. She has guardianship over him and takes care for his well-being. She helps around the house and usually cycles through chores and cooking evenly with Lucien for his mother.

Tenchi - Tenchi cooks a lot for his siblings since he gets home first. But he enjoys it. He one day wants to cook Emico a nice, romantic dinner.

Callisto - What tasks? Oh, well... I guess he's still trying to woo Cali.... so there's one task....

Datenshi - Not really. Datenshi does things for herself. She doesn't expect Leof to take care of her, especially when she's feeling frustrated.

- What annoys them the most about their partner? Would they change it if they could?

Tenshi - What annoys Tenshi the most is that Shindo can't get over the past and can't see how good of a person he really is. Well, it doesn't so much annoy her as it does make her sad. She wishes she could make him see that he's fine just as he is and that he would allow her to help him work out his problems.

Kaela - Kaela doesn't like that Lucien smokes and has colorful language. However, she doesn't try to reprimand him for it, and instead tries to support him in his attempts at quitting smoking and only reprimands him for his language when Liam is around. Yet, even if she does this, she won't support him for his choice to smoke and the like either.

Tenchi - Ummm, what "annoys" him most is that she's an android and so they wouldn't be able to have children if/when they finally get married. It doesn't irritate him so much as he feels bad for Emi about it. He knows she wants to be human/have children of her own, and being an android bothers her for that reason. So although he loves her regardless, he still sympathizes. He would change it for her, if she so wished it, if he could.

Callisto - Nothing really annoys him? But he does sometimes gets frustrated if/when she pushes him away. He wouldn't change that about her though.

Datenshi - What bothers her the most is that he's very big-headed sometimes and very much a jerk. She'd change it if she could. |D

- What do they like best about their partner?

Tenshi - Tenshi absolutely loves how loving and kind Shindo is, and just loves him in general.

Kaela - Kaela finds Lucien's tsundere attitude really cute, but she loves how protective he is over those close to him.

Tenchi - He loves how motherly and caring Emico is. He likes to daydream about them having a family together because of it. |D

Callisto - Callisto likes how strong Cali is, but then he also likes that vulnerable side of her. ;v; He likes to be able to protect her when he can.

Datenshi - She likes how independent and fun he is, but she won't admit that...

- Do they discuss big issues? Religion? Marriage? Children? Death?

Tenshi - Tenshi discusses big issues with Shindo all the time |D Though, it's all related to his problems... But she would like to discuss things like marriage and children.... *stares*

Kaela - Kaela will discuss big issues as they come with Lucien, but she has a hard time telling him what she wants...

Tenchi - Tenchi will discuss them as they come, however, the discussion of marriage and children tend to pop up a lot. XD

Callisto - He hasn't had the chance to talk with Cali about big issues yet, aside from maybe family issues...

Datenshi - Not yet. She's still caught up in her identity crisis 8'D;;;

- Who drives? Cooks? Does the handiwork? Cleans? Pays the bills? Handles the public?

Tenshi - Tenshi currently can't drive (since she's been in a coma 4 years prior to the present), so Shindo does the driving. But she's very good with cleaning, is getting used to cooking, and can handle the public very well. She also doesn't pay the bills because her three older brothers all work and pay them.

Kaela - Kaela can drive, and will, but doesn't really have a car to drive. She'll switch off with Luce every now and then when he doesn't want to drive. She's also set for things like taking care of Liam, cleaning, cooking, and helps out at his mom's floral shop.

Tenchi - Tenchi drives a lot, but when he's with Emi, she seems to do a lot of the driving? He's very good with cooking, handiwork, and paying the bills. He works as a teacher, so he handles the public well.

Callisto - Callisto drives and cooks well, but when it comes to handiwork and cleaning, he's not so good? People do it for him, but he insists he does it himself... evenifhe'sreallybadatit. He's also very much a socialite, so the public is no problem.

Datenshi - She cooks and cleans well, but everything else, she can't really do?

- Do they celebrate holidays? Anniversaries?

Tenshi - Yes! Tenshi loves celebrating things with people, especially with Shindo. Anniversaries are also a must~

Kaela - Kaela also likes to celebrate holidays and anniversaries, but when it comes to things like her birthday, she'll keep quiet about it so as not to bother Lucien or others.

Tenchi - He also loves celebrating holidays and anniversaries! But he doesn't go full out party or anything. It's usually more small and with family.

Callisto - Callisto finds excuses to celebrate anything sometimes. He would spoil Cali with gifts, if he could.

Datenshi - She'll only celebrate them if Leof wants to, but she does like to celebrate some holidays.

- Is there a wedding? What was the proposal like? Any kind of honeymoon?

Tenshi: Well... not that I know of... /// *stares at Shindo*

Kaela: N-no! I-I don't know... ////

Tenchi: Uh... when I get the ring, then I'll tell you... |D;;;

Callisto: No wedding yet, but maybe in the future....

Datenshi: I would never marry that jerk!? /////////***

- What do they do for fun? Do they have a favorite activity or do they like to switch things up?

Tenshi - Tenshi loves going on dinner dates or to the park, and going with Shindo on flights to different places. She doesn't mind switching things up sometimes.

Kaela - Kaela just likes being around Lucien. She doesn't really mind doing whatever, no matter how spontaneous as long as she gets to spend some time with him. Though, she does like to sneak in surprise kisses and give him ribbon roses.

Tenchi - Tenchi likes staying home and making homemade dinners and the like, but he'll definitely switch things up for Emi so she can have fun too.

Callisto - Callisto likes to go out on the town, but he'll always ask Cali what she wants first.

Datenshi - Datenshi prefers doing things on her own (only because she gets embarrassed around Leof easily). But when they're together, she's up for anything, including thisandthat. *smacked*

- Anything they both dread?

Tenshi - Tenshi dreads losing Shindo for any reason. She fears that he'll leave her because of this and that (namely his own problems and doubts that he's yet to solve and overcome).

Kaela - Kaela dreads being alone without family or friends. Losing Lucien would really be hard for her, if something were to happen.

Tenchi - He dreads not being able to have children with Emico, period. He knows that she'd prefer her own children and is hesitant about other options like adopting, but he'd rather adopt if it means they could still raise children together.

Callisto - Callisto dreads the chances of Cali having to face her ex-boyfriend again. He doesn't want to see her in pain or in danger.

Datenshi - She dreads being unloved, especially by Leof. She already lost Shindo to Tenshi, so now she doesn't want to lose him.

- How adventurous are they?

Tenshi - Tenshi likes adventure! She loves going with Shindo to different places and loves the scenery when he flies.

Kaela - Kaela tends to be more on the safe side of things, but she doesn't mind trying new things either.

Tenchi - He doesn't care too much for adventure, but does like to go out on family trips once in a while.

Callisto - Callisto is very adventurous. He likes to have fun and do a lot of things, no matter how questionable it might be sometimes.

Datenshi - She probably also likes adventure, but she doesn't always enjoy it.

- Do they keep secrets? Lie? Cheat?
Tenshi - Tenshi only keeps secrets concerning her own problems. She won't talk to people about it unless she's pushed to, but she won't lie or cheat.

Kaela - Kaela also keeps her feelings and problems to herself and will go as far as lying about it so as to not face those problems. This is usually because she fears the outcome of her decisions. She's not the type to cheat though. She's usually an honest person.

Tenchi - He's pretty honest and feels he has nothing to hide. He'll only keep secrets if he's asked to.

Callisto - Callisto keeps his family "business" a secret, because no one really needs to know about them and what they do... |D But he won't lie and cheat.

Datenshi - She will keep secrets, lie, and cheat, if it means she'll get to what she wants, but she's pretty bad at it....

- What would make them break up? Would it be permanent?

Tenshi - Shindo's problems would make them break up. Tenshi wouldn't want to break up with him for any reason, really. But if they did, it wouldn't be permanent. They are OTP~

Kaela - Kaela isn't the type to want to break up with Lucien, even if he hurts her. She knows he has a good heart and would do her best to be patient with him. Their break up, if they had one, probably wouldn't be permanent either.

Tenchi - Tenchi would never break up with Emi! He would try to work things out with her if something were to go wrong. But if she needed to break up and fix problems on her own or if she fell for someone else, then he'd let her go, as much as it would hurt him. He wouldn't want the break up to be permanent.

Callisto - He wouldn't break up with Cali unless she needed space? He doesn't see what could make them break up. Maybe if her ex-boyfriend came back or if she learned about her family, she'd break up with him, but... he would never break up with her.

Datenshi - She'd probably break up with him over stupid things, but it wouldn't be permanent... She's just dumb sometimes... |D

- What are their dates like? How long do/did they date? Do they ever feel the need to take a break from each other?

Tenshi - Tenshi and Shindo's dates are usually laid back and last for at least a few hours or so. They tend to have too much fun being together. Tenshi never feels the need to take a break from him.

Kaela - Kaela's never been on a date with Lucien yet, so that's to be determined |D She wouldn't want to take a break from him, no matter how bad things get, however, she'll comply (though she'd be upset) if he needed one.

Tenchi - They have a tendency to just hang out at his family's house XD But they'll go out together. Tenchi doesn't feel the need to take a break from her.

Callisto - Callisto hasn't taken her on a date yet, but he would take her to really fancy, romantic places, probably |D Unless she asked otherwise.

Datenshi - She hasn't been on a date with Leof yet.... |D But she always feels she needs a "break" from him because she thinks he's a jerk.

- What do they fight about? What are their arguments like? How do they make up?

Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't really fight with Shindo...? When they do, it's about more important things (like his problems *smacked*). She usually is stuck trying to smack some sense into him and to calm him down enough to think clearly instead of jumping to conclusions about how he's a horrible person, etc.. They usually make up by working through the problem together.

Kaela - Kaela usually tries to avoid contention. They haven't really had a real fight yet.

Tenchi - They don't really have fights, but when they "do".... it's about whether he'll propose or not... >v>;;;

Callisto - Callisto teases Cali, so they fight a lot in that way? He never means to hurt her though. He usually just teases her about how cute she is.

Datenshi - Datenshi picks a fight with him all the time. Usually because she won't admit to something or Leof's being too mean. She usually runs off to let out some steam...

- What does their home look like? Their room?

Tenshi - Tenshi's home is a two-story home, but it's only big enough for their once family of six (now four). It's a pleasant home and has a full, open kitchen with a dining room attached to it. Next to that is a hallway with a set of stairs to the side, and then the living room next to that. There are a couple bedrooms down the hallway (her late parent's bedroom and Tenjou's bedroom) with a full bath, while upstairs has Tenchi's, Tenma's, and Tenshi's bedrooms and a full bath. Her room has her bed in the corner across from her door, a dresser next to the door and a closet next to the dresser, and the other wall has a window and window seat, where she can put storage in. Her room is simple and she keeps it pretty clean. She likes to decorate her room with cute things.

Kaela - Kaela currently doesn't live in her father's apartment anymore, but her current room is a guest room at Lucien's mother's house. The house is behind the floral shop and her room includes a bed each for her and Liam and a closet and dresser. Kaela keeps as little things with her as possible so there's enough room for the both of them.

Tenchi - He lives in the same house as Tenshi. His room is neat and tidy. His bed is near the window and his closet is on the opposite wall. He has a desk on the other side of the window.

Callisto - Callisto lives in an apartment. It's pretty nice and only has one bedroom. In the hallway, there's a bathroom and closet, as well as a living room and kitchen at the end of the hall. His room has a queen-sized bed, a closet, and a desk.

Datenshi - She lives with Leof. Room arrangements are still being made |D

- Do they share any interests or hobbies?

Tenshi - Tenshi shares her love for music and fine arts with Shindo. She also has a love of flying with him.

Kaela - Kaela likes flowers and has recently found a liking in arranging them with him.

Tenchi - He likes taking care of children and teaching them, so that's probably something he and Emico have in common, lol.

Callisto - Not yet? |D

Datenshi - She has an interest in being mischievous with Leof...? She's also taken a liking to modeling, but who knows if Leof likes that kind of stuff... |D

- Does their work ever interfere with the relationship?

Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't work, so no. XD

Kaela - Kaela doesn't let work interfere... I mean, she works for his mother, after all.

Tenchi - He doesn't let work interfere with his personal life.

Callisto - Not really. But he sure has to fight to keep his family life away from his personal life.

Datenshi - She doesn't work either...

- How do they hug? Kiss? Tease? Flirt? Comfort?

Tenshi - Tenshi gives tight hugs because it gives her a sense of comfort to hold onto him. She tends to kiss him on the cheek more than the lips XD But she kisses sweetly and gently. Rarely does she flirt, but she tends to be playful. When she comforts, she becomes a bit more motherly and takes it seriously. She'll let him talk and give him hugs if he'll allow her.

Kaela - Kaela's actually afraid to hug Lucien because he doesn't like touching :'D But when she's allowed to hug him, she's light and cautious about it, even if she wants to hold onto him tightly. When she kisses him, she likes to surprise him with them, but they're usually loving and soft. But that doesn't stop her from playfully nipping his lip or something XD When she flirts, it's usually when they're already displaying affection, but it's nothing too obvious or sexual. She'stoocuteforthat. When she comforts, she sits and listens and won't do anything unless he wants her to, but she might offer a kiss or hug.

Tenchi - He hugs gently but protectively. His kisses depend on the situation, but he's usually gentle. He'll flirt with Emico when they're alone, but he teases when he flirts. He comforts by staying by her side and doing what he can to fix the problem himself.

Callisto - Callisto gives tight squeezes for hugs and his kisses are anywhere from pecks of adoration to passionate make-out sessions. He flirts with Cali ALL the time (calls her "cute," especially), but he's not obnoxious about it. He comforts by listening to the problem and fixing it in any way he can. Though, he might try to cheer her up with kisses and such.

Datenshi - Her hugs tend to be on the lighter side. She'll tease and can be very flirtatious in a sexual way, but gets easily embarrassed. She comforts by just sitting and listening... She's usually at a loss as to what to do.

- Any doubts about the relationship?

Tenshi - Tenshi's only doubt is whether or not he really loves himself enough to love her and stay with her. She believes the first step of having a good relationship is being able to love and feel comfortable with yourself before loving others.

Kaela - Kaela doesn't really have any doubts aside from whether or not Lucien will allow her to touch him (give him hugs). XD But she also worries about whether she angers/irritates him easily or not.

Tenchi - No doubts ovo b

Callisto - Only that she might isolate herself if she were to run into her ex...

Datenshi - Many doubts. Namely that Leof might actually love Tenshi. She's insecure :'D

- How much time do they spend together? Do they share their feelings, or hold things in?

Tenshi - Tenshi likes to spend a lot of time with Shindo. She loves to snuggle with him, lol. She's willing to share her feelings if she's pressed to, but she doesn't have time to worry about herself (or more, she feels she can't). She worries a lot more about Shindo and his feelings than herself, so she often pushes her own feelings behind her when she probably shouldn't.

Kaela - Kaela lives with Lucien and his mother now, so they end up spending probably a lot more time together than normal. But she respects when he needs time alone and allows him to have that time. But she still enjoys spending a lot of time with him. She definitely holds her feelings in.

Tenchi - Tenchi spends time with Emi whenever he can. He tends to share his feelings with her, but he also holds some things in, so as not to worry her over something that doesn't involve her.

Callisto - He'd spend as much time as possible with her if he could. He holds his feelings for her in until she feels more comfortable around him. He'll hold things in for other reasons too, but not because he has ill feelings towards her.

Datenshi - They seem to be around each other a lot, regardless of whether they like it or not. She doesn't share any of her feelings unless he provokes her.

- How do their friends feel about their relationship? Their families?

Tenshi - Tenshi's brothers are very supportive. However, they're a bit weary with how weak-willed and self-centered Shindo's been with his problems, and they fear he might end up (un)intentionally hurting their sister due to those problems.

Kaela - Kaela's father probably knows of their relationship, but finds that she's better with him than without. Her mother probably could care less (until she finds out he's a rock star), as she abandoned her husband and Kaela. Their friends tend to be very supportive of their relationship.

Tenchi - His friends think it's weird to be with an android, but they support him nonetheless. His family definitely supports them.

Callisto - His close friends support him, his other "friends" could care less. His family is still up in the air. He doesn't really tell them about his personal and love life.

Datenshi - Datenshi has no friends... :'D Or family....

- Do they have kids? Grow old together? Split up?

Tenshi - Eventually, Tenshi and Shindo have kids and grow old together.... >v> But they never split up. Ever. We're still actually waiting for them to get married still.... OTL

Kaela - Kaela and Lucien eventually are given the surprise of twins XD But they never split up and maybe do grow old together...? *plot still up in the air*

Tenchi - The possibility of kids is still up in the air. They'd grow old together, though, whether or not Emi gets old is dependent on future events. They'd never split up.

Callisto - That, we will find out in the future. ;D

Datenshi - That's also up in the air, but they probably would grow old together and never split.

- What are their vacations like?

What vacations? 8D;;;

- How do they handle disasters or emergencies? Minor injuries? Sickness?

Tenshi - Tenshi handles them pretty well, for the most part. Depending on the situation, she either goes into a sort of responsible mother mode and does what she can to keep things in check and to help out as much as she can, or she starts to panic internally. Minor injuries and sicknesses, though, she's got covered (unless they're deathly serious). If it was something life-threatening, she'd probably be scared and imagine the worst that could happen. She tries to be prepared.

Kaela - Kaela does what she can to be helpful and knows how to handle minor injuries and sicknesses, as she prepares for these things ahead of time sometimes. If they're worse, she'll worry and keep the stress all bottled up until she can't take it anymore.

Tenchi - Tenchi handles them calmly. He panics internally when it's bad enough.

Callisto - He was trained by his family to learn how to deal with these things, so he's pretty well prepared.

Datenshi - She'd probably flip out and worry... :'D

- Could they manage a long distance relationship?

Tenshi - Tenshi might be able to. She'd worry though.

Kaela - Kaela might be able to as well? She's pretty independent, but she might also miss Luce a lot.

Tenchi - Probably? Probably not? He'll do almost anything for love.

Callisto - He wouldn't be able to handle it. He likes to have Cali close to him.

Datenshi - She'd act like she could manage one, but she really wouldn't be able to handle it.

- Do they finish each other’s sentences? Pick up any phrases or habits from each other? Know when the other is hiding something?

Tenshi - Tenshi knows when he's having a hard time.

Kaela - Kaela picked up the hobby of arranging flowers from Lucien.

Tenchi - He's sensitive to how Emi's feeling and picks up on her schemes... and joins them.

Callisto - Callisto knows when Cali is having a hard time, as she's like an open book.

Datenshi - She picked up the habit of showing lots of skin from him....

- Do they ever get into trouble? Is it serious, or are they just mischievous?

Tenshi - Tenshi and Shindo don't really get into trouble...? If so, it's not that they did it intentionally, more like others thrust the trouble on them.

Kaela - Kaela stays out of trouble with Lucien, for the most part. :'D However, Jason and her friend Felice are a couple of work of natures... they do things.

Tenchi - Nope! The only "trouble" they get into is playing match maker. XD

Callisto - He tries to stay out of trouble due to how his family is. Cali may or may not be another story.

Datenshi - She'd probably get into trouble. Whether its serious or not is dependent on the situation.

- What kind of presents do they get each other? Do they only do it on special occasions?

Tenshi - Tenshi hasn't really gotten Shindo gifts 8D; But she does give them on special occasions.

Kaela - Kaela gives Lucien ribbon flowers that she makes. She hides them all over the place where he would find them. She gives other gifts for special occasions.

Tenchi - He likes to give things like flowers to Emi just randomly. He'll get more special gifts for her on special occasions.

Callisto - He gives her a lot of little gifts every now and then, including special occasions. He likes to spoil her.

Datenshi - She gives him her sexy self *shot* She might give him something... Only on special occasions or if he's being nice 8'D

- Do they have any pets?

Tenshi - Nope. But she does like animals!

Kaela - Does a child count? *smacked*

Tenchi - No, but he wouldn't mind a cat or something ovo

Callisto - Callisto doesn't care for having an animal around, really :'D But he might have a guard dog. Or a bird.

Datenshi - No, however, she has a soft spot for animals.

- Do they bring out the best in each other, or the worst? Do they have a fatal flaw?

Tenshi - Depends on the situation, but they usually bring out the best in each other. Tenshi might be too stubborn while Shindo's currently too self-centered with personal things.

Kaela - I would like to think Kaela brings out the best in him, as he brings out the best in her. But her flaw, fatal or not, is that she refuses to bother people/Lucien with her problems, no matter how horrible.

Tenchi - She brings out the best in him! He becomes a lot happier when she's around. No fatal flaws that I know of yet.

Callisto - He becomes more aware and attentive when she's around. He also becomes doting of her. XD His fatal flaw to that might be that he might become too protective or forget to pay attention to his finances...

Datenshi - The best and the worst XD She has a temper... tsundere.

- What’s their greatest strength as a couple? Their weakness?

Tenshi - The fact that their love for one another always brings them back together is their greatest strength. Their weakness is that they give into their insecurities easily at times.

Kaela - Their greatest strength as a couple is the fact that they can get each other to communicate with one another and support each other. Their weaknesses would probably be their family problems.

Tenchi - Their strength is that they know how to enjoy one another's company while still attending to their other responsibilities. Weakness would probably be Tenchi's reluctance to pop the question and her reluctance to consider other options for having children.

Callisto - Their greatest strength would probably be that they can support each other during hard times when those close to them are against them. His weakness would be Cali...

Datenshi - When they get together, their greatest strength would probably be that they can be themselves with one another without having to put on a face. Their weakness might include their identity crises'...

- How much would they be willing to sacrifice for the other? Any lines they refuse to cross?

Tenshi - Tenshi would be willing to sacrifice her life for him. She refuses to do anything like sell her body and whatnot though (would there really be a time like that?)

Kaela - Kaela would also give her life for Lucien, so long as it means he nor anyone else is harmed.

Tenchi - Tenchi would sacrifice himself for her and do just about anything. He'd refuse to hurt his family for her though.

Callisto - Callisto would sacrifice everything he had for her. He would even forsake his family (not that that takes much to do...).

Datenshi - Datenshi would probably give up everything for him. She wouldn't really refuse to cross any lines? Depends.

- What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

Tenshi - Tenshi may be chaste, but she's definitely waiting for their wedding night *shot* ;D I'm not really sure if she'd have any fetishes though...? She definitely won't do the really weird and potentially harmful things. She likes a respectable and safe, but fun time in the bedroom.

Kaela - Like Tenshi, Kaela hasn't had any of those experiences yet. Lucien is her turn-on. *smacked* She probably wouldn't do anything crazy, as she'd feel out of place with it.

Tenchi - Tenchi is a gentleman in the bedroom and will only have fun in the bedroom when they are married. He has no fetishes but he thinks role-playing would be fun (more as a joke than as something serious). He would never do anything that would hurt Emi.

Callisto - He's respectable in the bedroom, but he won't sleep with Cali, since she's still kind of finding herself again. He'll wait till she's ready.

Datenshi - Datenshi is shy about it at first, but she does get very kinky... She's up for whatever... |D

- Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first?  When did they realize they were in love?

Tenshi - Shindo initiated the relationship. Shindo kissed first. Tenshi realized she was in love when she found she couldn't imagine a life without Shindo. He's her comfort, her joy, her everything.

Kaela - Lucien initiated the relationship. Lucien kissed first. Kaela realized she was in love a bit before Christmas. :'D Lucien's mother pointed it out.

Tenchi - Uhhh..... who initiated it anyways...?  Maybe Tenchi? XD He realized he was in love with Emi when they got Tenshi and Shindo together. As for who kissed first? ....That's a mystery too.

Callisto - They actually don't have a relationship yet in canon |D But he'll initiate it when Cali's ready.

Datenshi - They don't have a relationship in canon yet either. Don't know what's gonna happen...

- Any special memories? Do they have a special place they like to go to?

Tenshi - Special memories include working through the hard times together and having Tenshi realize she loves Shindo. Flying together is also another special thing, as it's something they do together often.

Kaela - Theirs are more like how they've been there for each other during family crisis'. But they also have their times of how she was able to soften his heart and how lovey dovey they've been since. XD They like to spend time together anywhere.

Tenchi - Getting their siblings together, which brought them together. Home is where the heart is for these two.

Callisto - None yet. ovo

Datenshi - To be announced, lol.

- Are they party-goers? What are they like when they’re drunk? Does it happen often?

Tenshi - Tenshi doesn't drink, period. She doesn't care for parties either. (Ask her twin if you want a partier~)

Kaela - Kaela is super sensitive to alcohol and the like, so things won't go too well (not that she's tried yet). XD She doesn't like it anyways because her father was a drunk... She's also too reserved to do parties.

Tenchi - Tenchi likes parties at home XD He doesn't drink either. Actually, their whole family doesn't drink.

Callisto - Callisto is definitely a party-goer and will drink alcohol from time to time. He doesn't usually get drunk though. When he does, it's when he's extremely depressed or angry. He's a sleepy drunk XD

Datenshi - She's a party-goer and will drink. Though, she's under-age, so it only happens as often as she can get her hands on it... When she's drunk, she's an emotional drunk.

- Do they let each other get away with things that would normally bother them?

Tenshi - Sometimes...? But she tries to talk things out with Shindo.

Kaela - Kaela does, but so long as she knows he's aware of them and is willingly trying to change them, she's fine with that. If he won't change those things, then she won't push it and will respect him for it. Nobody's perfect, after all.

Tenchi - Yes and no. It depends on what's bothering him. But he'll discuss it with Emi maturely, rather than yell or something.

Callisto - Depends on the situation and what situation calls for what reaction. If Cali's being too reckless and irresponsible for herself, he'll go as far as smacking her to get her to realize that she's putting herself and others in danger with that kind of behavior.

Datenshi - No. She would definitely complain about the things that bother her about him.

- Do they talk often? What about?

Tenshi - They talk about many different and random things often. They range from silly and unimportant to very serious.

Kaela - They usually talk about Liam or Marian or their family problems in general, but they do try to talk about things to help them get to know each other more.

Tenchi - They don't seem to be very talkative with each other (they snuggle a lot), but when they do talk, it's about important things or what they should have for dinner or do for dates.... or when he'll propose *smacked*

Callisto - They talk often, and currently, it's about the different things around the area and about her and what she remembers.

Datenshi - Not really. She complains. And they fight. A lot. That's about it.

- Are they comfortable with each other? Anything they have to have their privacy for?

Tenshi - Tenshi's comfortable with Shindo for the most part, but she's still not married to him, so things like changing clothes with him in the room is a no-go XD

Kaela - Kaela's comfortable, but there are times where she just needs privacy to think about things or to maybe attempt to hide from her problems. She also won't do things like change clothes with him in the room (yet she'll do it with a 2-yr-old boy in the room, but whatever XD).

Tenchi - He's comfortable with her, but as they're still not married, he'll want his privacy and respect her privacy for a lot of things.

Callisto - He's comfortable with her. The only privacy he'd really need is for the bathroom, if he had his way XD

Datenshi - Yes and no. She's insecure with different things, so she'll need privacy for some things.

- Any special dreams or goals they have as a couple? Any heartbreaks?

Tenshi - Tenshi and Shindo want to get married and have a family together. As for heartbreaks? She's only really dealt with his lack of confidence, so... that might get in the way :'D

Kaela - Kaela isn't sure what they would have, but she'd like to get married. ;v; No heartbreaks yet...

Tenchi - Having a family together and getting married. Maybe one day find a way to make Emico human. No heartbreaks yet.

Callisto - None yet, but right now, he just dreams of dating her. XD

Datenshi - No. She just wants someone to be only hers.


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